Serving food in dining

You know you're home at Aberdeen Gardens

We offer three nourishing, well-balanced meals daily, including choices of entrees, and accommodation of special diets wherever possible. Our chefs prepare many fresh and tasty selections each day for everyone’s dining pleasure while meeting the Canada Food Guidelines for health and wellness.

Snacks, coffee, tea and fruit are available all day in our lovely new cafe, for the enjoyment of our residents and their family and friends. Drop by for a visit and enjoy tea and homemade cookies!

Our residents love the inviting setting, and the delicious selections as they dine with friends each day. The carefully prepared entrees, hearty soups, fresh produce, and luscious treats make each day’s dining a pleasure. When you live at Aberdeen Gardens, we invite you to let our Chef and Dining Team spare you all the trouble of meal planning and preparation; and in fact, we give new meaning to the phrase “Just desserts”!

  • Three nutritious well-balanced meals prepared daily
  • Special diets accommodated whenever possible
  • Choices of entrees at Lunch & Dinner
  • Snacks, coffee, tea and fruit available every day in our cafe for the enjoyment of our residents and their guests
  • Social dining experience
  • Guest dining available at all meals

Chef Spotlight, Bill Gould

Chef Bill Gould

I recall as a young lad we used to make our own Ketchup / Relish / Mustard / And Every Kind of Jam / Jelly or Marmalade my parents could think of. We would also make huge pots of Chilli Sauce and Chilli Con Carne.

I’ve got fond memories of my very first job. Walked in the front doors of a Buns Master Bakery with a packed lunch and asked the owner where I should put it during my shift , he looked at me and said “Who are you?” My response was “The very next best employee you’ve ever hired.” At that moment he smiled and said “Drop your lunch on my desk and go back and see the foremen and introduce yourself to him.”

From that day it inspired me so much that I enrolled in Culinary School of Niagara College of Applied Arts and there I thrived in sauces..  

Then finally settling into working here at Aberdeen Gardens is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Not only does it make me feel incredibly lucky to cook for such wonderful people, I also get to cook for my mother who lives in the Retirement Home that I work at which just makes it even all that more special.

I couldn’t ask for a better place to work. I love the Residence and my job!

Questions about food and dietary requirements?

It would be our pleasure to get in touch with you and understand your specific requirements. Drop us a line or give us a call and we can connect you with our chef or dining room manager who can answer your questions!